Register for the Oregon 12/24

 July 13th and 14th, 2019

Bend, Oregon

Wanoga Snow Park (15 Minutes West of Bend towards MT Bachelor)

11 Mile loop and 950 ft of great trails and 2-track. 70% Trail!

Register by Clicking the Bike Reg Button Below on the day prior to Thanksgiving

Pay attention to Mudslinger Events Facebook and Instagram for a code November 22nd to say thanks over the Thanksgiving weekend!






Please visit the learn more tab for How to Sign up as a Team and for 87% of all the details!


Start Time on Saturday 9am

Mandatory Meeting at 8 am Saturday

Lights on bikes by 6:30 pm

Sunset 8:47 pm! Sunrise 5:47 am!



Please refer to the Learn More page to learn more on this fun off-road singletrack relay or going it SOLO for 24 or 12 hrs.

Please remember that once you are entered all monies are non-refundable for any reason subject to the refund policy. In the case of  Natural Disaster and or cancellation, we will gladly transfer your entry to the subsequent year or to another Mudslinger Event! Also, Bike Reg offers event insurance when you sign up so check that out!


Please make sure you are in good riding condition for the extreme nature of this 12 or 24 hr relay and make sure your bike is in proper working condition.

Mike and Family and Crew

Mudslinger Events