Learn More Oregon 12 and 24


July 11th and 12th, 2020

Start Time 9 am!

Packet pickup times and late registration

4-7 Friday and until 6 am until 8 am Saturday at Wanoga Snowpark

Part of the three-event N24 National Series  SOLO Championships

See the Team Tab on this website for all the categories. Things change on your team structure and we will dial you in starting 6 weeks prior to the event when we order your custom race plate and place final gear orders

Bend, Oregon

Wanoga Snow Park (15 Minutes West of Bend Towards Mt Bachelor)




“In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.)

Schedule of Events

Camping can start anytime after Thursday at 12 pm at Wanoga Snow park

Friday Packet Pickup after 4pm at Wanoga Snow Park

  • waiver Oregon 24 to bring to packet pickup for all team members, please download


  • 6-8am MorePacket Pickup Wanoga Snow Park
  • 8am-8:15Mandatory meeting for all Team Captains and anyone else wanting to attend
  • Food truck arrives
  • 8:30 First Volunteer Shift (Sign up mandatory for all Teams of 4 or more) LINK
  • 8:50 Line up for Lemans run (NO Bikes and 400 Yards to start your lap)
  • 9:00 am Start (Please remember to walk through the transition area to have your lap count)
  • Results live at Mudslinger Events results tab
  • 12 pm food vendor starts serving food and beverages
  • 3pm No more laps for the 6 hr
  • 4:30 pm Awards for the 6hr
  • 7 pm Lights on bikes including taillight set to steady when dark
  • 6-8 PM our awesome beer support will begin with 10 Barrel Brewing! In 2019 this team had over 20 riders and will be bringing it in 2020!
  • 8:47 pm Sunset
  • 11 pm Quiet time or after 12 hr awards
  • 11 pm IT GETS COLD Summer or Fall…..32 is the average and some years 28
  • 5:45 am Sunrise and Pancake Breakfast
  • 10:30 pm 12 HR Awards
  • 9 am no more laps for 24
  • 11:00 am or earlier 24 HR awards 3 deep Gold, Silver Bronze Medals

Start time: 9 am for the 12 or 24 hr

Saddle up for this great mountain bike relay with your friends or a Solo ride/race for 12 or 24 hrs!

Categories and special bike divisions listed below and on the Creating a Team Tab

*Special Notice:

This event is under Special Event Permit from the US Government Department of
Agriculture Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District

What is 24 HR mountain biking and how do I participate?

24 HR mountain bike relays and races have been around for 25 years and take a bit of planning on the participants part. The most important factor in deciding to participate is knowing that this is a low key event for riders of all abilities and ages from 10 to 70 years participate.

Answers to some general questions to ensure you have a great experience at the Oregon 12 or 24

There are a lot of Divisions?

  • Mountain bike categories are generally self-selected and for a 6,12 or 24 ability is not part of the choice like typical XC (Cross Country) or Enduro events where perceived and or a Elite or Pro status may be earned.
  • Age and Team Size determine the division you want to participate in.
  • You can ride SOLO….sleep when you want or not at all or any size team/makeup offered.
  • Junior Men and Women 10 years old to 18 are encouraged to participate!

General info for all

What’s included

Custom T-shirt or socks for all! SOLO’s receive a custom Trucker Hat with the SOLO designation for 12 or 24 hrs and Custom Socks for SOLO riders

Deluxe Pancake Breakfast provided

Chip timing (Team Chip and individual)

Please only go through the FINISH after completing a lap when finishing a lap and please walk under the limbo bar.


Onsite food available and riders are encouraged to pre-purchase a meal ticket so we can get a Mexican Food truck and or top end. During July the competition for Bend Food Trucks is fierce.

Massage and onsite beverage support Saturday

Prizes and first place custom medals and awards 3 deep.

The Relay (See Below for the flow of the Finish line)

Each one of your teams will be issued a Timing 3d wrist chip to track your overall team lap times, and this writ chip must be worn on your right wrist. Each tag has a unique number!

The event will start with a 1/8 mile run. Please feel free to leave you’re cycling shoes and helmet by your bike if this makes the run that much better.

This chip must not be lost and will be handed off to you’re teammate each lap by walking and scanning your team chip.

Place Chip on your left wrist!

One Lap penalty for losing the wrist chip and please turn it in after you are done or you will be charged 25.00

Reports live on Mudslinger Events

The Chip will track the finish of each lap!

Going SOLO

Our 2015 Champion Jane Quinn of Pine Mountain Sports has some advice and packing choices Mens record Laps 22 (Jason Perez 2015 and Women 18 (Jane Quinn) 2015


Building the Perfect Team

Pay attention as this part is so easy, like fantasy football or when you were on the playground picking teammates and hoping you were not the one to be chosen last.

Teams of four, five, or six to ten please register per person and indicate if you are the team captain. Make sure that all members who sign up register with the correct team name so we can build your team.

Step 1

If you are Solo, ignore this section, as you are a person who knows what you want and call the shots! Make sure to enlist the services of a pit crew to come with you to keep you going in the dark of night. These friends can help in so many ways lap after lap and must be showered with post-event thanks and affection. Having a crew of friends to help or bring an RV can be the winning touch!

Think of who would be fun to hang out with for 12 or 24 hrs of riding. Not everyone has to be your perfect choice, but the guy or gal that will do a 3 am lap is well worth there weight in Gold! A good balance of faster and not as fast riders tends to make for a more enjoyable time for the whole group.

Step 2

Determine how much you want to ride, meaning a Team of 4 will net you two more laps than a team of 5, or if you are into hanging out and diving into beverages, maybe a Party Team or other larger team may be more your style.

Things to consider for teams of 4 include who is going to do two consecutive night laps? This works well for the team who wants to get some sleep starting with laps at 11 pm or midnight. Knowing that you can do two laps and take a break, in my opinion, is nice, but make sure to have enough battery power for lap 2.

Step 3

Determine the team name and if your team will be custom, such as four people, five-person or corporate. We don’t need to know right away as when you sign up per person and please identify yourself as the Team Captain.  Sometimes this is tough as your friends may not have this type of bike or be the right age, but when it all comes together in early July the fun will begin for 24 hrs!

Step 4

E-mail all of your riding friends, or call them for a special top-secret special friends only BBQ this fall.

Step 5

Since you are now in charge, tell them to sign up and send them the registration link and remind them of your team name. One last thing is to decide who is bringing the RV up and remember first registered will receive the RV space of choice.


Make sure to spell your team name and please keep it under 15 characters if you want it represented acuratly on the live results.

  1. Waiver for the Oregon 24 Download the Waiver and Bring to Packet Pickup is mandatory
  2. Remember to pay your team captain with beverages and cash and thank them for the fun times that will happen in July.


Pretty Cool Video from World SOLO 24 in Australia a few years back….

Solo Twenty-Four from Sixth Row on Vimeo.

Q and A

What are the trails like? Is this event for anyone?


If you have never ridden single-track you may want to get some time in before the event on your local trails,  The laps are only 10 miles and beginners to experienced riders consider this course to be amazing.

Your Kids need to be 10 years old as of 12/31 current year and the Junior 5 person team is great. Also with a  50% discount for Juniors how can they fail?

How is the course marked?

  • No one likes getting lost, so we heavily mark the course very well with signs to indicate the correct way (à signs) and the wrong way (X NO signs) and plenty of arrows including reflective arrows for night riding!
  • In critical places, a volunteer may be stationed to ensure racers go the correct direction or radio control at mile 7 of 10
  • But it is ALWAYS up to the rider to know the course. Riders may be disqualified for going off course.

A person on our team dropped out, how do we transfer a rider? sign the new person up under the transfer category for 15.00

You can edit your info online at bike reg until Wednesday before the event.

What if I have trouble out there?

  • Mountain bikers watch out for each other, and you should come prepared to be in the woods with the proper gear, clothing, and tools.
  • Simple crashes and mechanicals you can recover on your own or someone may decide to stop to help you. In 2018 we had one injury and 2019 none.
  • If you need mechanical help, you should walk along the direction of the course to the next radio checkpoint, aid station or finish line. Do not leave the course or you may become lost. Check-in with the Officials at the finish that you have returned safely.
  • We have mechanical support for 24 hrs from various local bike shops participating in the event!


Propane heat works for cooking and heat sources. Please keep an eye on all heat sources at all times. In 2019 the high was 85

  • Wood-based Fires may be allowed depending on the fire restrictions in a metal fire pit, but in 90% of this event, the fire restrictions have not allowed it. Propane is fine!

Are RVs with generators OK? If not, how can we charge lights?

  • Lite charging stations are provided for you from Lights and Motion, and neutral charging is available for other lights
  • ALL participants are required to have a taillight set to steady during the night time hours

Quiet time is after 11pm!


The ideal setup for those without any lights – mount the Seca on the handlebar as a bright primary light and Imjin on the helmet for a compact spot beam.  Having two lights will aid in depth perception on the trail by filling in shadows typical when using just one light.


Rental lights available for the race for 60.00 onsite


Will water be available there or do we need to pack what we need?

  • We have plenty of water for your use at any time, but make sure to bring a starting supply of water to keep your team hydrated while back at base camp

Do most people rely on cell phones to allow riders that crash to contact their people?

  • We have a local radio group handling on course communications and also have EMT’s that can be dispatched at any time. The lap is 11 miles, and it may take up to 30 minutes depending on where you crash to get to you and to depend on the nature of your injury search and rescue will take another hr at least to start your evacuation.
  • Cell phone usage is spotty at Wanoga Snow Park but getting better. Verizon has proven to have the best coverage overall.
  • We sweep the course to ensure all riders are accounted for, but we rely on your Team Captain to let us know if someone has not come back after longer than anticipated.
  • For minor medical issues, send someone up to the next radio checkpoint, aid station or finish line.
  • For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 if you have service, otherwise, send someone to the nearest checkpoint.

Can I sign up the day of the event? YES until 7 am Saturday am

  • The exception is when an event is full, and no more participants are allowed. This would be clear from the event website.

What’s the weather like at the Oregon 24

  • Traditionally 80-85 degrees and clear sky’s at 5000 ft. On occasions, we can get some Thunder and Lightning.
  • Please prepare for nighttime temps in the 40’s

Can I ride on course with my Junior Boy or Girl?

  • Sorry,  based on a number of riders on course for the permit and the safety of the other participants.  The laps are 10 miles and provide a great loop for the New rider no matter how fast you are. Wanoga Snow park has a great pump track for all abilities and please remember that all participants need to wear a helmet at all times while participating or not. Please have your children wear helmets as well while at the venue.

What should I wear while on course?

  • Proper riding gear makes racing in bad weather fun!
  • A base layer of polyester with a jersey if its Cold, and jacket that can be stuffed away when the sun goes down.
  • Baggie mountain bike shorts or Lycra shorts with leg warmers work well, or baggies and leg warmers.
  • Any mountain bike shoe is preferred over sneakers. You want lugs for the soft soil. For those wanting warm feet try these out that have lasted me eight years of Cold weather riding at night or Wool socks!
  • Good Gloves, and or Waterproof covers if the weather is under 50 and at night in the summer or fall it is 28-32 at night!
  • Embrocation, Google it, simple and cost effective way to provide a pre-race barrier to cold. DO not confuse which hand you applied this with from the one you applied Chamois Cream with (Big mistake) This company is local and awesome! NW Knee Warmers
  • Cycling Glasses and a Helmet that is preferably no more than two years old as they do deteriorate over time.
  • Taillight for the rear of your bike set on steady
  • Helmet light and Bar light or just one. Your minimum backup light needs to be at least 200 lumens. Most lights are affordable and amazing as technology increases.

How long will it take me to complete a lap

  •  Record Time = 45 minutes. Most finish around 1h to 1:30

How best do I go about making a transfer or add a new Team Member if someone can’t attend?

LINK to Facebook Group to post for assistance

We have an individual registration or register as a whole team and we will e-mail you for rider details in the spring!

Please e-mail mike@mudslingerevents.com if you have more questions

Merchandise available on site and during registration including some great jerseys  

Pricing and categories (See below for actual team compositions) (Overall Champions always get 50% off) 

Refund policy, 50%  transfer credit to another Mudslinger Event until March 31st. Transfer Policy only in case of injury to the next year


  What’s Included

  • Event t-shirt or socks!
    Team Pit Area and RV space
  • Neutral Mechanical Support from local shops
  • Pancake Breakfast sponsored by my family
  • Awards 3 deep, Medals for 1st place for all and Podium awards for top 3
  • Great Beer and lights from Light N Motion with charging station for your lites
  • Memories to last a lifetime!

Where to Stay in Bend before or after if you are not camping or after your 24 HR.


About the event

Please remember that once you are entered all monies are non-refundable for any reason. All swapping of team members can be done online by the team captain by Wednesday of the event. All changes after that will result in a 15.00 fee paid at packet pickup.

Please make sure you are in good riding condition for the extreme nature of a 24 hr relay and make sure your bike is in proper working condition. Well if you have a team you don’t need to be in great shape as this is the event for every type of rider!


We will have a Vendor on Site for food purchases and also be cooking up pancakes for all of you fine folks on Sunday am. Make sure to pack a cooler with your finest beverages, and we will supplement you with all the stuff needed to take on a 10.5-mile course.

Prizes will be announced to include a set of Rolf Prima Wheels and more from our generous sponsors!

What is Mandatory!

Camping is reserved based on your registration date. SOLO and DUO 24 spots will be signed to be as close as possible past the Chip timing area. RV camping can begin after 12 pm on Thursday and will be marked off for ease of parking Please look at the venue maps to get acquainted. Riders and teams signed up prior to 3/31 receive priority!


1  The first rider will start at 9 am with a lemans start and the Team Chip. (400 meters to sort you out) Yes, you can place your cycling shoes next to your bike and start with running shoes (not a bad choice) Things will thin out after a lap or 2 so be patient while on the trails and pass safely.

2.    The Finish line is chipped timed, meaning it will pick up your chip as you cross the line to proceed to the manual check-in. DO NOT go back under the finish line, if you do your lap will be canceled. In addition, we will have this area fenced off so if you are spectating please do not have any bike with a chip inside the fenced-in area or where signs say to not go. We want to effectively time and track you.

All Teams will have a Team Chip with a Unique Team number to track Team Laps! Your chip on your plate will also track all lap splits and your team laps. This Team chip needs to be relayed after you finish a lap! Do not lose this chip or your team will be penalized 1 lap! 

3.   Do not litter on the course, its 1.5 hrs so please unload your used gels in the aide station area past the manual timing tent.

4.   Lights on bikes after 7:00 pm and until 6 am are mandatory with Bar and or Helmet or both and Taillight (set on steady).

You must have at least one primary light and the helmet is the best choice with all the singletrack you will be riding to see your way around, but really……you need both to be effective and have fun. (you can run with one or the other, but why when you want to have the best time)

5.    Rental of Lights: See above
6.    You must have a backup source of light at a minimum of 200 Lumens.

7. Camping will be allowed entrance anytime after Thursday at noon in the Wanoga Camping area. Metal Fire Pits are allowed if we are not in a fire restriction on pavement only. Propane is allowed!

8. Areas will be designated for SOLO and DUO blocked off as to have the opportunity to be as close to the transition as possible and extra parking will be available as well in the dirt and marked.   If you come in late Friday (After 8 pm) stay in the parking area and enter the camping area between 7 am and 9 am Saturday am.  Campsites will be large enough for 3-4 tents and area to relax. We had plenty of room in 2019 and you can choose where you want to be. Toilets will be placed on both ends of the camping area.   Please note the 6 hrs will need to park in the western dirt area at Wanoga to allow them to leave if they choose anytime prior to 8pm! 

9.LOCKDOWN will occur (sounds harsh) after 8pm Saturday am and no Cars will be allowed in or out to keep the dust down unless of an emergency (taking a teammate to the hospital) or another emergency. If so please drive as slow as possible. The area will be open to exit after 9 am Sunday and once again please drive slow when leaving.  

6HR (Max 100 Participants)

We assume you may not want to stay for the whole 24 hrs with awards at 4:30 pm and or want the flexibility of leaving early. We will have you stage and set up in the dirt area with signs to guide you. Please note that a low to the ground Honda Civic will not be the best car to bring into this area. After your event is finished you will have from 3pm until 7pm to slowly (Under 5mph) drive out and exit the area. Dust is always an issue with cars, so please go slow and enjoy the day! If you want to stay longer thats fine, so pitch a tent, have a beverage under the stars and support your 12 and 24 hr friends


More info: medics will be on site to fix up scrapes and cuts. Best place to go for injuries beyond scrapes and cuts is family Choice Urgent Care in Bend



Camping Venue (A, B and C Row will be marked with your team name for pavement only)

Plenty of room in the Dirt and SOLO and DUO will have the closest accommodation

When registering please choose an ROW or area offered. Its up to you to come in anytime Thursday afternoon on to grab your space! Please allow room for emergency access

Volunteer requirement


This event takes quite a few people to make it run smoothly and racers and volunteers have stepped up over the years and each team of 4 or Team of 5 or Corporate is required to supply 1 volunteer for a 2 HR shift. You will be asked when checking in on this 2 hr time frame to support. The earlier you sign up the sooner the shift will be assigned. This will be posted the day prior and at the event.


Being that the laps are  50 minutes to 1:15 this should work out great for all who attend to keep the price of this event in check and assist with check in stations. After July 1st  please e-mail me and indicate your shift that you would like starting at 9am Saturday.

The Course

The Course is a mix of fast cinder doubletrack and sweet twisty, fun singletrack for 11 miles each time around.

The course winds from Wanoga Sno-Park and takes place on COTA built Tiddlywinks/Kiwa Butte and Dinah Moe Humm and some cinder cone trails before the return to Wangoa.

Check the website for the course map, elevation, aide stations as this course could be altered to provide the best course possible

Turn by Turn Directions

Wanoga  (Map online)

Lap Times: Course was designed for a fast rider to do a lap in under 50 min and most in 1 hr 15 minutes or so.

Aid Stations and Medical Services

ARES Radio group will be on-site to control the action and make sure everyone is accounted for. We donate to this group and appreciate all they do for safety on multiple points on the course.  If you need a lot more than a bandage we reserve the right to send you to the hospital or call 911, so ride safely.  Please check-in at the Medic Tent on the blacktop for aide support.

The food at the Aide Stations will be and are not limited to the following:

PB and Jam later in the day and vendors on-site to have some real food including Autobahn Coffee and Cowgirl Cookin

Lunch/Dinner Vendor Saturday and Sunday will be on hand to give you the protein you need. You are on your own for Breakfast, and or you can partake in our Pancake feast Sunday morning free of Charge from our family. Vendors will be onsite Saturday from 11 am until 9 pm

 Parking Do to dust please keep your speed down to 5mph. There will be room in the dirt for additional cars and if you do bring a rv please park it north and south in the pavement to allow more room for other RV’s. Please keep the amount of vehicles down to 2 per team max and please let me know if you have an RV. Any RV over 24 ft should park on the pavement.



Spectators can park in the lower lot of Wanoga while space is available or in the upper lot if available Please make sure you have an annual Snow park permit. These can be obtained at many places in town including one of our bike shop sponsors (Pine Mtn Sports)

Team Roster

Please tighten up your team roster and manage online until Wednesday…….after that all Team trades are subject to a 15.00 fee or just make your team public and let others join


We will e-mail you a waiver to bring to packet pickup and have each member sign to pick up your plate

Refund Policy

Please remember that once you are entered all monies are non-refundable for any reason subject to the refund policy.

Transfer Policy

All l transfers are subject to 10.00 per transfer after 6/30. In the case of an injury or act of god/natural disaster that would postpone the event, we do allow a transfer to the following year.

Mechanical Support by Hutch’s Bicycles of Bend, and Pine Mountain Sports!

Your onsite support. Thanks,  Mark Campbell and Team for the excellent support and to all others supporting this event.

Snowpark permits other than Wanoga

There are two snow parks 1-1.5 miles from Wanoga – Swampy Lakes and Virginia Meissner, both of which require an annual (30.00) pass or a Weekend Pass (9.00).  These can be purchased at Pine MTN Sports  or the welcome center off of Century Drive on the way out. NO fee for Wanoga the weekend of the event.


Race Start and Finish

The Race will start with lemans start at 9 am on Saturday and finish after the last person comes back. The last rider allowed to start a lap will be at 2:59 pm for the 6Hr 8:59 pm for the 12 hr and 8:59 am Sunday for the 24.

Awards (1st place teams and or category winners and top 3 Solo overall for the 24 and 12 hr)

  • 4:30 pm for the 6hr
  • 10:30 pm Saturday, 12 HR awards
  • 11:00 am Sunday or sooner 24 Hr awards
  • 11:30 am Depart and or relax on in Bend. (Yes you can stay Sunday night at Wanoga) Please

Your Timing chip

Baton needed and assigned by the timer. A 1 lap penalty will occur if this is lost. Please return immediately after the event.

You must slow down and go under the limbo bar each lap (Please slow down) and check in with your baton before your exchange with your Teammate 300 yards later. Please take the time to have your lap count!

The Flow of the finish line (Important)

  • Each hard plastic plate will have your individual number on it corresponded to your particular data that laps are being accumulated. These plates will have 1 chip placed on the back and for teams or 2 or more that will track who you are on course. In addition, teams will have an additional Wrist Chip to relay each lap after the finish line.
  • After dismounting under the limbo bar (mandatory)  you will walk and go through the manual timing tent to record your plate and tag your wrist chip in front of the timing antenna to record your lap. Please get acknowledgment from the timing crew, and please keep your lights away from blinding them at night.
  • If you are exchanging your baton with another teammate just check-in by showing your baton and go out and give your baton to the next person racing outside of the finish area. This person will not be on his or her bike waiting and must have their bike racked downstream to jog to after receiving the timing chip.
  • If you are going out on another lap, simply say “Going out and your plate number” and continue by stay right on course

All Riders waiting to go out on a lap must have their bikes Racked! No exception for the safety of the riders!

All Riders waiting for your teammate must check out after receiving the Wrist Chip with the Checkout crew.

All Riders wishing to Rest and not go on a lap must state that they are resting after crossing the finish line and when re-entering the course check-in with the Checkout crew to jump on course downstream of the finish area.

When your race is finished

Everyone can race as long as they want or 24 hrs at least, if you do stop racing prior 9 am and do not go back out please inform the manual timing crew that this is the case. Everyone has the option to continue to go out on laps until the gun sounds at 9 am on Sunday from the Chip timing area! ALL LAPS COUNT IF STARTED PRIOR TO 9 AM FROM THE CHIP TIMING AREA. THIS IS WHERE YOU MUST MAKE IT TO PRIOR TO 9 AM ON SUNDAY AM IN ORDER TO START ANOTHER LAP AT THE TRANSITION AREA. PLEASE TURN YOUR TIMING CHIPS BACK IN OR A 25.00 FEE WILL BE ASSESSED.


Results will be posted live at Mudslinger Events Results Tab

Any protests must be taken to the results area form of a written protest. Forms will be available onsite. Also please, track your laps, you know your team better than we do in most cases. Another word of advice: Do not assume because you have a big lead you are going to win or place. Last year a team rested the fastest person during the night and came back to take over the lead from a team who thought they had enough of a cushion.

Results Extra

Results will be based on most laps completed and the time finished on that lap

Team A finishes in 23:50 with 12 laps

Team B finishes in 24:10 with 12 laps

Who wins? Team A

Now its great that at least Team B finished with the same # of laps and that’s half the battle late in the game. What Team A was risking by not going out again is Team B coming across prior to 23:59 and then having to go out again, this could happen so know your lead.

Beer and festivities

Deschutes Brewery is so supportive of cycling in the community will be providing great beer.   I will have Beer on hand for quite a few of you, but BYOB is in effect while you are camping and relaxing at your tent area.

Dispersed Camping/Garbage,ect

Unless we are in a fire restriction you are allowed to bring a fire pit for your camp fire, please make sure to pack out any ashes and dispose of your garbage in our dumpsters and recycling. I will notify you prior to the event of the fire status. Please follow @ripleyoutdoors for more info on fires and other last-minute details. Please make sure to be in and set up prior to 10 am. We have room for 300-500 with dispersed camping inside of Wangoa.

Dispersed Camping area guidelines

When entering the camping area check-in at the tent just before the dirt in the upper bowl of Wanoga. You will be allowed to enter after Thursday at noon to go to your spot of choice. Solo spots will be marked off closer to the transition. Please do not drive over 5mph as the dust and wind can be just plain mean to others in the area. After 9:30 am Saturday, the area will be closed off, and no traffic will be allowed in or out for the duration of the event until 10 am Sunday.

When leaving the area, please maintain a 5mph or less attitude and check your area for garbage. These areas will be large enough for your car and tents.

Mandatory Quiet Time

Mandatory Quiet Hours are from 11 pm until 7 am. We want each one of you to have a great time but please respect these hours to rest and get your body ready for late-night riding. Generators only in a portion of the Dirt area that is closest to the staging area and on the pavement.


Driving Directions

How do I get to the course and Wanoga Snow Park?

From Bend, travel west on SW Century Drive for approximately 12 miles towards Mt. Bachelor.  (The road name will change to Cascade Lakes Highway/46).  The venue is 7.7 miles from the Inn of the Seventh Mountain. Wanoga is the only Sno-park on the left side of the road.

From Sunriver, travel west on Highway 40 (S. Century Drive/Spring River Road) towards

Mt. Bachelor. Turn right on Highway 45 (Edison Ice Cave Road).  Travel approximately 11 miles until you hit Hwy46/Cascade Lakes Highway.  Turn right.  Wanoga Sno-Park is approximately 4 miles, located on the right side of the road.

Tips on riding in Central Oregon (even when you’re not racing)

1. Skidding causes erosion.  Soils here can be very dry in the summer and are easily eroded by excessive skidding. We try to design and build trails with this in mind, but mountain bikers should ride so that skidding and hard braking are minimized. Control your speed. Please also AVOID trails that are wet during the spring melting season.

2. Keep Singletrack SINGLE.  Most vegetation is fragile and very sensitive to trampling. When passing others stop your bike and put a foot down rather than ride around. This will avoid widening the trail unnecessarily. Use passing lanes whenever possible. When you stop for a break, please remove your bike from the trail so others can pass without being forced to go off the tread of the trail.

3. Some trails can become crowded. – Runners, dog walkers, families, tour groups, racers, equestrians and recreational cyclists all share the same trails. Please be courteous to other users, and extend a friendly nod or “hello” when passing. You are not any more entitled to use these trails than anyone else even though it’s a race please behave and be friendly regardless of what the other trail users are doing.

4. Fast short knobs are a good choice here. Trail conditions can get loose so your front tire could have a bit more bite depending on your handling abilities. 2.0-2.3.

What to bring

  • Extra tubes, chains, brake pads, cables, derailleur, Tire
  • Full suspension is always nice but not necessary as the terrain is not super technical. Personal Opinion, a nice hardtail can be trusted, and any bike will be great.
  • An extra set of gloves are nice as the hours tick by.  I don’t need to tell you to bring LOTS of chamois’s cream
  • Please ride in the center of the trail to avoid blowing out corners
  • Special food – pack your cooler with the secret race fuel, and or 20.00 for vendor food to supplement your goods.
  • A small packable jacket and arm warmers to stash away – it’s easy to get hypothermic in a hurry if you go down and stop moving and the weather is always 10 degrees cooler up top.  Remember – the course is at ~ 5000ft elevation. When I did an early am race simulation, it was 61 in Bend at 5am and 38 at Wanoga in September last year. I know the temp will get down to possibly the mid 30’s at night.
  • Please bring your Tent, Sleeping Bags, matt for Bike Repair, Bike Stand, Cooler with Food, Water (we will have 800+ Gallons, but being self sufficient is nice) Extra Set of racing gear, extra socks, gloves, base layers, sunscreen, bug spray (sometimes necessary)
  • We will have solar showers set up from 10am until 1pm Sunday 9/6
  • Lights, please bring a main bar mount and a headlamp to wear while you ride. The trail twists and turns so much that just a bar mount is not the way to go.
  • Please have a taillight set on steady for your night lap as well, this is mandatory so riders can see you as they come up to pass

Be prepared for 80-degree day temps and 40 or so at night

A great sense of humor and a healthy dose of fortitude will help all to finish the race!

More to come as this event evolves

Mike and Andi and Crew

Mudslinger Events


An ultra-endurance race is held under the General Rules and

Regulations of OBRA based upon National Standards

18.7.2 Race Bible

The Organizer, under the supervision of an OBRA Representative

And the Chief Referee, shall prepare a complete set of race

regulations (the race bible) that specify how each ultra endurance

the race will be conducted.

18.7.3 Definitions


18.7.3(a) Le Mans start — a start where racers run to their

bicycles. The run should not be more than 200 meters. It is not

recommended for the run to go downhill.

18.7.3(b) Log Tent- Tent where racers log in and log out, hand the

baton to the registrar, and cancel laps.

18.7.3 (c) Transition area- area where riders completing a lap are

exiting the course and riders starting a lap are entering the course.

The Log Tent is located adjacent the transition area if applicable

18.7.3(d) Team- a racing entity comprising of one or more racers

18.7.4 Team Captains

Each team will designate a team captain and co-captain. Team

captains will represent the team in all official correspondence and

communications before, during and after the event. The co-captain

May represent the team during the event when the captain is

unavailable. Only team captains and co-captains may file protests.

The team captain and co-captain must attend the pre-race


18.7.5 Technical Assistance/Feed Zones

Ultra-endurance races will designate an area for technical

assistance. This area may be the expo area, the camping

grounds, the hotel area or any area that is large enough to

accommodate all teams equally. Each team is permitted to have

only one area. This pit area must be set up in the designated

area. In the team’s technical assistance area, a racer may accept

support from anyone. Only team members and race workers are

allowed in the Log Tent / Transition areas while the race is being


18.7.6 Assistance on Course

On the course racers may only receive mechanical assistance

from another registered racer. A rider providing assistance to

another rider must have entered the course under their own

power, either on foot or on a bicycle. Short-cutting the course is

not allowed. Notwithstanding 18.4.3(c) and 18.5, any rider who

has entered the course in support of another may bring equipment

and tools and may even swap bikes with the rider in need of

support. The cannibalizing of bikes is permitted in ultra-endurance


18.7.7 Hand-ups/Feeds

Water and food (hand ups) may be supplied to a racer, by anyone,

Anywhere on the course. Both the racer and persons providing a

hand up must stay well clear of the course during the hand up, so

as not to impede another racer.

18.7.8 Riding on Course

Only officially registered racers, credentialed media and event

staff may ride on the designated race course during the event.

18.7.9 Log-in

All solo competitors and the first racer for each team must log-in

at the Log Tent at least 5 minutes before the start of the race.

Batons will be handed out upon log-in if utilized or timing chips or

another approved method approved by the Chief Referee. Starting

racers must have their bikes pre-positioned in the Start/Finish

area. The event will use a Le-Mans style start.


18.7.10 Batons

Racers must log-in and log-out on each lap at the Log Tent. The

team baton or scoring device must be passed from the racer

logging out to the Registrar, who records the log-out time. The

log-out time of the first racer automatically becomes the log-in time

of the next racer logging-in regardless of whether or not there is a

racer ready to log-in.

18.7.11 Plates

Racers must display their official bike handlebar number plate

whenever on the course. In the case of a bike swap, racers must

swap the bike number to the new bike before continuing the race.

18.7.12 Consecutive Laps

To ride a consecutive lap, the racer must log-out from the first

lap by passing the baton to the Registrar. After the Registrar has

recorded the log-out time for the first lap, and the log-in time for

the consecutive lap the racer will receive the baton back from the

Registrar. If this procedure is not followed, only one lap will be

counted. Solo racers must comply with this procedure to record

each and every lap.

18.7.13 Loss of Baton

Loss of the baton will result in a 5-minute time penalty which will

be applied to the team’s finish time on its last lap and will accrue

to the racer finishing that final lap. The Registrar will issue a new


18.7.14 Lighting

Racers entering the course two hours before sunset and up

to one-half hour before sunrise must have both primary and

Secondary light sources installed and in good working order. The

the primary light source must have a minimum rated power of 10

Watts or more and be able to sustain this charge for 2 hrs. The

secondary or backup light source may be in the form of a penlight,

flashlight or other lighting systems, preferably a helmet light or bar

mounted light source.


18.7.15 Lap Cancellation

Once on course, a racer is expected to complete the lap.

However, the team has the option of canceling a racer’s lap and

restarting the lap from the Log Tent with a substitute, should the

first racer be unable to complete the lap for any reason, including

injury. Any team member can cancel a racer’s lap by notifying

the team’s Registrar at the Log Tent and initializing the log sheet

next to the canceled lap. If a team cancels a racer’s lap and is

restarting with a new racer, a new baton will be issued without

penalty. However, the team’s original baton must be returned to

the registrar. The new racer inherits the log-in time of the canceled

racer’s lap. Once a cancellation has been made, it cannot be

rescinded. The canceled lap does not count as a completed lap.

18.7.16 Placing

Each team’s final placing will be determined by the number of laps

the team has completed and the sequential order of finish within

The team’s last lap. The last racer for each team must be logged in

before the end of the last hour for the lap to be counted.

Teams electing to stop racing before the end of the last hour must

inform the registrar of that decision. Once the registrar has been

informed of a team’s decision to retire from the race, no more laps

will be recorded.

18.7.17 Calling the Race

In the case of catastrophic failure due to weather or another

an extenuating circumstance that prevents the ongoing scoring of

the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too

dangerous for the participants, the race may be called as of

a certain time. Final results will be calculated based on each

team’s placement at the call time as determined by that team’s

last completed lap. This rule is intended to be exercised as a last

resort, only in the most dire of situations, when no other means is

available to continue scoring the event or when the potential for

serious harm or loss of life becomes imminent.

18.7.18 Ghost Rider

If a racer stops to assist in the care of a seriously injured fellow racer that requires an EMS response, Ghost Rider

procedures will be implemented. The EMS personnel will radio to

the Log Tent the name and number of the assisting racer. Race

staff will then inform the team of the assisting racer to prepare the

next rider on their team. That rider will be allowed to start his lap

based on the assisting racer’s “ghost rider” lap time that will be

based on the fastest of either the assisting rider’s average lap time

or the team’s average lap time.

18.7.19 Quiet Hours

Quiet hours will be imposed from midnight until 8 a.m. During this

time, noise must be kept to a minimum.

18.7.20 One Lap Requirement

Every team member must complete one lap except in the case of

a report of occurrence (confirmation of an injury)

Feel free to e-mail me with questions and thank you for entering the Oregon 12/24 the second weekend in July in Bend, Oregon