Creating a Team

Building the Team! 

Pay attention as this part is so easy, like fantasy football or when you were on the playground picking teammates and hoping you were not the one to be chosen last. If you are that’s ok as I am sure you will impress your friends with your RV or cooking abilities!

It is simple to sign up online and pay for a whole team and or pay as an individual for a 4,5 or 6-10 Party team. The Key to all of this is to list your Team Name exactly the same for each member. Try to keep your team name under 15 characters to have it properly displayed by the Live timing system.

Your team roster up may change over the course of the year so our best advice is to find one more teammate than is necessary just in case you lose someone. With so many age groups and team structures for the 24, 12 and 6 hr you have plenty of opportunities to have a great time at the Oregon 24.

Oregon 24 Solo categories 

Remember for the N24 series you will be condensed down to Open Men, Open Women and Masters 50+ men and Masters 50+ Women along with select Teams below*. This will be updated for 2020 to provide more connectivity nationally.

  • Solo Men Open*
  • Solo Men 40-49
  • Solo Men 50-59*
  • Solo Men 60+*
  • Solo Women Open*
  • Solo Women 40-49
  • Solo Women 50+
  • Solo Singlespeed

*50-59 and 60+ combined for National results for Men

Please remember all women and all men will be given an overall award, Custom SOLO 24 Trucker Hat and more!

Duo 24

  • Duo Men Open*
  • Duo Women Open*
  • Duo Coed*

Teams (Four, Five or Party 6-10)

  • 4 Men Open (Under 199 years)
  • 4 Men Masters (Over 200 years) Minimum age 45 of any single person
  • 4 Women Open
  • 4 Person Coed
  • 5 Person Open Men
  • 5 Person Open Women
  • 5 Person Coed (Must have at least 2 men or women)
  • Industry 5 Person (Bike Shop or Bike Industry Team)* Must work for or have worked in the cycling industry in the past 12 months from the date of July 11, 2020
  • 4 or 5 person Military, Fire or Police 50% donation back to a charity of your choice
  • 5 Person Junior Team (any makeup man or women) 10-18 years old! Special Junior Pricing!
  • Party Team  (6 to 10 riders) Register as a 6 person and use the individual registration to add more!

12HR starting at 9 am and the last lap starting by 8:59 pm.


Maximum of 100 entries for the 12HR event so register early!

12 HR Categories are:


  • Solo Open Men
  • Solo Open Women
  • Solo Junior Men
  • Solo Junior Women
  • Solo Men 50-59
  • Solo Women 40+
  • Solo Men 60+
  • Solo Military/Police/Fire
  • Solo Singlespeed Men
  • Solo Singlespeed Women

Duo Open Men

  • Duo Open Women
  • Duo Men under 99 years
  • Duo Men over 100 Years
  • Duo Coed

12 hr Three Person OPEN (Find 3 riders any gender or age and have fun)

12 Three Person Junior Team 

6 Hr Categories (New for 2020) Limited to 100 riders

You asked and want to ride with us? Well lets do this for 6 hrs for SOLO and DUO. 9am to 3pm!

SOLO Junior Men

SOLO Junior Women

SOLO 19-49 Men

SOLO 19-49 Women

SOLO 50-59 Men

SOLO 50+ Women

SOLO 60-69 Men

SOLO 70+ Men


DUO Women

DUO Coed

DUO Junior Men

DUO Junior Women


4:30 for the 6hr, 10:30 pm for the 12 hr and 10:30 am for the 24 hr

Podium sport mugs from Lights and Motion for all!

Custom Awards for top placing 24 HR teams and SOLO 24 and 12 HR!

Award and free entry to next years event for the most laps in the Team Division for 4 and 5 person teams and free entry for 1st place overall SOLO 12 and 24 riders!

More awards info coming for 2020