2017 results

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We will be adding lap splits for those Teams that did ride on unique bikes. Some teams simply traded off the Fat bike! EPIC and no injuries to report except my wife who is recovering from her before the race fall

Please note the lap was 8.5 miles shorter to maintain good lap times and do to the move into October from the Smoke in Bend and Oregon from Fires in September.   The 3 inches of snow that was expected turned into 7-12 inches making this 100% snow for 12 hrs for all. Let’s just say Demo rental fat bikes were the right move and the traction did get better later in the night! This amount of Snow is strange, to say the least and the new date will be the final weekend of September moving forward which will be perfect. All 24 hr participants from 2017 that represented get 50% off if registered by March 1st. Save the most $ if registering before the end of the year! Codes will be sent soon



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